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Accountant 463 jobs,  Administrator 284 jobs,  Advanced Excel 413 jobs,  Advanced Technology 1,747 jobs,  Agent 194 jobs,  Analyst 398 jobs,  Analytical 1,082 jobs,  Assistant 265 jobs,  Auto & General 175 jobs,  Bcom Degree 388 jobs,  Business 285 jobs,  Business Analyst 137 jobs,  Business Education 966 jobs,  C# Developer 284 jobs,  CA SA 159 jobs,  Chartered Accountant 159 jobs,  Clerk 126 jobs,  Construction Development Manager 1,809 jobs,  Consultant 567 jobs,  Customer Service 156 jobs,  Database Design 182 jobs,  Day Driver 997 jobs,  Department of Law 432 jobs,  Developer 1,845 jobs,  Development Manager 111 jobs,  Efficient Engineering 580 jobs,  Engineer 603 jobs,  Entry Level no Experience 8,077 jobs,  Film 266 jobs,  Financial Accountant 153 jobs,  Financial Manager 252 jobs,  Further Education 994 jobs,  IT 147 jobs,  Interpreter 334 jobs,  Investment Trading 876 jobs,  Java 322 jobs,  Java Developer 286 jobs,  Junior Position 634 jobs,  Leadership 1,048 jobs,  Logistics Company 401 jobs,  Manager 1,698 jobs,  Mining Construction 696 jobs,  Mining Minerals 323 jobs,  Mining Supplies 323 jobs,  Project 210 jobs,  Project Manager 124 jobs,  Quality Products 166 jobs,  Relocation 263 jobs,  Representative 224 jobs,  Sales Consultant 187 jobs,  Sales Executive 137 jobs,  Sales Representative 206 jobs,  Security Protection 886 jobs,  Senior 950 jobs,  Senior Developer 396 jobs,  Software Developer 183 jobs,  Stock Warehouse 633 jobs,  Supervisor 127 jobs,  Technical 147 jobs,  Technician 150 jobs.


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College of Cape Town

The College of Cape Town is a public TVET (formerly known as FET) College offering career-oriented vocational and occupational programmes.


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We asked South African women about their work life and journey up the corporate ladder. Over 1,500 women participated. Here's what they had to say.

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