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Online courses and study destinations

Enhance your career and further your studies - many options to choose from.

MSC Business College

National education group with 26 years’ experience and 17 campuses nationwide offering full time and part time certificates and diplomas as well as corporate training. Choose from a range of fully accredited programmes across 11 career paths.

Enterprises University of Pretoria

This practical, well-established Project Management course has been designed to develop project management knowledge, skills and insight. It equips delegates with the tools and techniques necessary to succeed in project management. The course is based on international standards and best practices. The programme in project management is also filled with local content to ensure its relevance in South Africa. The department responsible for the academic aspect of this programme is a registered education provider (REP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the USA.

  +27 12 434 2583

College of Cape Town

The College of Cape Town is a public TVET (formerly known as FET) College offering career-oriented vocational and occupational programmes.


CareerJunction is South Africa's #1 Quality Candidate Provider and ideally positioned to give your courses great exposure through our extensive web and mobile reach.

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Voting has started for SA’s Recruiter of the Year. Cast your vote for the recruitment agency that excelled through your experience with them. Voting is quick and easy. Have your say and make your vote now.

Trendsetter - SA's most in-demand skills

The current job market may seem as volatile as Trump's Twitter account, so we did some research and crunched the numbers to give you an outlook on skills that are on recruiter's hot (and not) list when hiring talent online.

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We explore the latest salary trends for top occupations for the latest measurable period.

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We compare job seekers to jobs each month to bring you the latest trends by sector, including:

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