Senior Manager: Tissue Culture Laboratory (Expired)

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Senior Manager: Tissue Culture Laboratory

Durban (Durban Airport), KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)
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Permanent senior level position in the Agriculture industry.

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Job Description

To manage the Tissue Culture Laboratory operations ensuring that plant cultures are produced on a commercial basis according to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and protocols for the specific tissue culture;

To develop new tissue cultures for commercial production purposes and to develop SOPs and protocols for such commercial production.

 Key Performance Areas

  • Production of plant tissue culture according to established SOPs and protocols for commercial purposes.
  • Develop plant tissue cultures that are disease free or disease resistant with the help of different tissue culture techniques.
  • Develop SOPs and protocols for new plant tissue culture.
  • Developing protocols for reducing mortality and contamination.
  • Develop method to reduce existing cost of production of tissue culture plantlets.
  • Implementing hardening methods for plant tissue cultures.
  • Manage Plant propagators and technicians
  • Manage research and seek opportunities for technology and techniques transfer & collaboration with tertiary institutions and other organisations
  • Identify, procure and manage equipment and resources (e.g. growing medium) required for conducting operations optimally
  • Collect, keep and conduct analysis of detailed and accurate data for all operations of the lab.


  • BSc Honours Degree in Agriculture with specialisation in tissue culture
  • Extensive experience in Microbiological and Biotechnological techniques.
  • Experience in managing a laboratory ensuring SOPs and protocols are adhered to, specifically hygiene and sterilisation requirements.
  • Operational and People Management skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Analytic, thorough and professional.
  • Organised, patient and reliable.
  • Capable of working on a tight schedule, according to deadlines and without compromising standards and quality.

Unfortunately this job has expired and you can no longer apply for it.
But all is not lost, you can search for more jobs

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