Agronomy Commodities Officer (Expired)

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Agronomy Commodities Officer

Gauteng (South Africa)
R255,000-360,000 Per Annum Basic Salary Plus Benefits

Permanent position in the FMCG, Retail & Wholesale (FMCG) industry.
Benefits: medical aid, cell phone,fuel, car allowance, bonus.

Posted by Tribal Consulting on 21/02/2012 Ref # CJ Ref# 1360034

•Regular on-farm visits to monitor planting, growth and harvesting of contracted agro-commodities.
•Provide the Agronomy Strategic Supply Manager with monthly records of commercial crop estimates, harvest schedules, stock levels, quality and potential supply risks in order to facilitate purchasing decisions.
•Advise and monitor farmers with regards to Best Practices in order to produce strategic agro-commodities of the right quality and to maximise yield potential that will reduce pressure on contracted prices.
•Assist and monitor on-farm/supplier Vendor Assurance and Consumer Risk Protection programmes in order to ensure a vendor assured supply of strategic agro-commodities.
•Drive new product development of strategic agro-commodities (e.g. oats, nuts and seeds, etc.).
•Interaction with operations managers, plant schedulers and quality laboratory to facilitate effective management of the agro-commodity supply chain from farm to processing.
•Maintain up to date knowledge of international agro-technologies, varieties and best practices in order to advise farmers and to make informed decisions.
•Planning and execution of field trials and seed development programmes of strategic agro-commodities, and identification of research projects that will contribute positively to the productivity programs.
•Drive internal and external communication to eliminate surprises in the agro supply chain.
•Manage volume and quality KPI-related data to be accurate and on-time, as well as to generate the necessary reports.

Minimum Requirements

•B.Sc. (Agric) or National Diploma in Agriculture (or similar).
•Knowledge of agricultural inputs (fertiliser – BASOS and/or crop protection –AVCASA).
•Knowledge of plant breeding and variety selection.
•Knowledge of agronomy seed schemes
•Knowledge of the local and international organized agricultural industry.
•High level of computer literacy.
•Bilingual (English and Afrikaans).

Job related Requirements

•5+ years experience in the agricultural industry.
•5+ years experience in agro-processing and agro supply chains.
••Experience in agronomic field trial design and protocol.
•Experience in general crop management and crop husbandry.
•Experience in management of proprietary varieties and executing royalty agreements.
•Experience in basic accounting/financial management.
•Experience in supplier-relation management.
•Experience in new supplier development (climate, soil, resources, equipment, infrastructure and technical capabilities).
•In view of Group business, experience in alternative crops (e.g. cassava, plantain, chick peas, etc.) will be an advantage.

Unfortunately this job has expired and you can no longer apply for it.
But all is not lost, you can search for more jobs

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