What is the worst car ever? I think it's the 2002 Nissan Almera...

By Bernard Botha 24/11/2011, 13:48
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  1. Marius Botha

    Marius Botha

    Morris Marina

  2. Bernard Botha

    Bernard Botha

    Volkswagen Polo Classic TDi

  3. Anonymous

    You are obviously a little mental and your opinion just lost all value to me. Will be ignoring you in future.

    24/11/2011 | 21:40h
  4. Willem Swart

    Willem Swart

    Reliant robin - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQh56geU0X8

  5. Ben Goosen

    Ben Goosen

    This one mentioned on Junction can't be too far behind, in the looks department: http://www.junction.co.za/link/11-10-25/first-drive-nissan-juke-sacarfan

  6. Hein Joubert

    Hein Joubert

    Check this link: http://www.time.com/time/specials/2007/completelist/0,,1658545,00.html

  7. Junction Admin

    Junction Admin

    We'll apply a fix to stop links with comma's from breaking in the future. Sorry about this.

    24/11/2011 | 15:41h
  8. Nicola Richardson

    Nicola Richardson

    Mercedes 190E

  9. Ben Goosen

    Ben Goosen

    Tim's Car

  10. Tim de Taranto

    Tim de Taranto

    @Ben. Clearly reading is not your forte, the question was "What is the worst car ever?" Not "Which is the most totally awesome car ever?" But back to the original question, all Mazda’s get my vote... Zoom Zoom indeed. ;)

    25/11/2011 | 10:29h
  11. Bernard Botha

    Bernard Botha

    No no no. I think it might be all Toyotas

  12. Anonymous

    Confirms my belief to ignore you.

    24/11/2011 | 21:41h
  13. Bernard Botha

    Bernard Botha

    Yes, and that's why you're commenting.....

    25/11/2011 | 17:50h
  14. Waldo Junction

    Waldo Junction

    Worst "car"....has to be the Hummer (not the military spec one, but the one they sold to Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabees )....ugly, rubbish off road, overpriced...completely pointless

  15. Bernard Botha

    Bernard Botha

    Waldo, I think I agree. Nissan Almera and Hummer worst. All Toyotas ugliest.

  16. Anonymous

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