How to Deal with Being Head-hunted

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Talented managers are in high demand in South Africa and are often head-hunted by companies that are happy to pay a premium for their services.

Zinhle Matentji, founder and MD of executive search company SearchSpecifics, says a recruitment consultant will usually contact potential candidates to discuss new employment opportunities while they are still employed somewhere else. “To be able to take advantage of this, executives and managers need to know how to deal with this situation, should a head-hunter come knocking.”

Ms Matentji has the following advice:

Always try to speak to the search consultant outside your workplace. Return the call when you are not under time constraints and when you are in a private area;

You may be flattered by the prospect of being head-hunted, but your co-workers may feel a sense of resentment and could report you to management if they find out. Your current employer could make it difficult for you if you have been talking to other employers;

Be sure that you are being approached by an actual head-hunter and only deal with a reputable executive search consultant who operates primarily in your industry, or one closely related to it. Research the company to establish its credentials;

Confirm your interest, or be honest if it is not the right time or you are simply not keen on the company or the role; and

After you have been approached by an executive search consultant, give yourself a few days to consider what you want to do. Find out what the new job will involve and read up about the company. Sometimes, comparing your present position with another can make you appreciate where you are. At other times, you become aware of how unfulfilled you feel.

• This article was first published in Sunday Times: Business Times

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