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Career Makeover Winner 2: Phikisile Soko

I feel overworked and underpaid. They are taking advantage of me as I don't have any qualifications...

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Career Makeover Winner 1: Pebetse Lebotsa
Pebetse is not finding enjoyment in her current job as she is not using her talents and natural thinking styles. She is not doing what comes naturally... read more
Winners of the 4 Career Makeovers!

Kerry Dawkins from (People At Work), our resident Career Coach, gave away 4 Career Makeovers. The competition might be closed for entrants but follow us here as we reveal the winners and their Career Makeover stories.

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Services We Offer

Do you know the average person spends more time making a decision about their car purchases than about their career? It comes as no surprise then that so many people are unhappy in their work. Be different, find a career you love...

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Job Seeking

If you know what job you want to do, you just need to go and find "your job". You may know that this is not as easy as it sounds. You have probably handed your CV to an employment agency or put your CV online and are now waiting for them to find "your job". An alternative way is to search your social networks until you find "your job" or even betterĀ  the person-who-has-the-power-to-hire-you...

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