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Don't Blow That Interview
Punctuality, homework, appropriate dress and honesty will help impress potential employers... read more
Top 5 Jobs on The Road to Riches
Choosing a specific career whose skills are in demand is the way to go if you want to prosper. But you have to keep upskilling... read more
Don't Sell Yourself Short on Your CV
Whether you're changing jobs or looking for your first one, it's no easy feat finding work... read more
Stuck In A Rut? Become A Paralegal

Stuck in a secretarial rut? Tired of answering phones and mindlessly typing out minutes? Why not upskill yourself and become a paralegal? This stimulating career move may be just what you need to get you loving your job again...

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New Age Media Skills

To succeed in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, media practitioners require a wide range of skills and experience - and the list of requirements in job ads just keeps getting longer. Positions often require a blend of media skills: for instance, writers work with images; musicians build websites; journalists tweet and blog on top of reporting the news...

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How To ... Attend A Job Interview Without Being Taken Advantage Of
Being asked to attend a job interview can be both exciting and terrifying, but it is important, according to Jennifer Ritchie, business coach and consultant with The Freddy Hirsch Group, to know your rights as the interviewee... read more
How To Prepare For The Panel Interview
You've applied for a new job and been asked to come in for an interview, then you find out it will be a panel interview - something many people find intimidating... read more
Be Prepared To Impress
Jackie Lauder, the managing executive: human capital at Hi-Performance Learning (a division of the IQ Business Group) spoke to Margaret Harris... read more
Find The Talent Hidden Inside
A conservative estimate puts the number of physically and mentally challenged people in SA at about two million... read more
Dream Careers : Tripping The Story Boards
Trying to make a living out of anything to do with the performing arts is pretty tough, but struggling never put anyone off following their dreams... read more
Dressing To Shoot Up The Career Ladder
How you dress to the office could detract from how you do your job, or determine whether you climb the corporate ladder, say experts... read more
We Want You!

Standard Bank Group is a leading African banking group focused on the world's emerging markets. Our clients all around the world enjoy outstanding market advantages, built upon an intimate understanding of emerging markets, a well established and highly respected corporate and investment banking offering, and strong, distinctive local networks...

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Technology Is Changing, So Is Recruitment

In a wireless 21st century, the needs of both employees and companies have changed radically. Employees are looking for fulfillment at a deeper level. Organizations have realized that functional competence, which may have been sufficient in an era focused on efficiency, is no longer enough...

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Clues To Writing An "Instant Hit" CV

If you want your CV to be an instant hit with a recruiter / HR person / or an employer, here are 6 questions that run through their mind which will give you an idea as to what they really want from a CV. Once we understand these questions, we can start looking at ways to give them what they would like to see in a resume.

So imagine - your emailed CV appears in a recruiter’s inbox, and they open it...

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Latest Online Tool Will Improve Your Odds Of Finding The Perfect Job
If you have not yet been through an assessment test whilst applying for a job, this is probably something that you will encounter during your next job application. Thanks to CareerJunction's strategic partnership with PiCompany, Career Seekers are about to improve their placement success rate... read more
How To Survive A Psychometric Test
Why is that this simple test of honesty makes people experience Alfred Hitchcock scenarios of interrogation and paranoia... read more
Crack That Key Job Interview
Not many enjoy them, but there are ways to improve the experience and the outcome, writes Tina Weavind... read more
The A-S-K Job Interview 'Questions to Ask' Strategy
Got this job interview question from a job hunter:

Hi Gerard. I have a question for you concerning interviews. I am always at a loss for words at interviews when they ask if there is anything you want to ask about the role. Any suggestions for the kind of info a candidate should be asking for? Thanks, Tania...

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Employment During The Soccer World Cup
The Soccer World Cup brings lots of excitement, particularly to those who are currently seeking employment. According to Gillian Saunders, who heads up Specialist Advisory Services at Grant Thornton in Johannesburg, the upcoming prestigious event is estimated to create over 400,000 jobs. This is a phenomenally high figure and is guaranteed to shed some positive light on the unemployment situation in South Africa... read more
How To Conquer Rejection
Muhammad Ali said "A champion has to be able to take a good punch." And this is especially true for us when looking for a job... read more
What To Expect After An Interview
Candidates must realise that interviewers usually are not there to hire anybody immediately... read more
CV Preparation
A CV is an advertisement of yourself and should portray only the best. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind... read more
Getting Involved In Your Career Planning
If you're considering a career change, don't just apply and then sit back and expect opportunities to come to you... read more

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