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Who we are:

CAPITAL TALENT is a recruitment firm based in South Africa servicing the South African, African, Asian and European markets. We specialize in the sourcing and placement of mid to senior level professionals in Financial Services.

What our vision is:

To build long-term relationships with our clients and establish a trust that improves the hiring process for all parties.

Why we are:

CAPITAL TALENT was founded on the dedication to fill a void in the recruitment market place. Through extensive research and feedback from our clients, we discovered the level of service from their human resource vendors lacks the proper client-focus desperately needed in today’s market. CAPITAL TALENT is committed to transforming our clients’ experience with recruitment firms to provide them with the highest level of professionalism and customer service possible.

What we are about:

CAPITAL TALENT will provide you with a true recruitment solution by adhering to one basic principle: "understanding exactly what your needs are and servicing you with candidates that have the same vision and the right skills to achieve your goals".

In order to successfully understand your needs, CAPITAL TALENT will work closely with you to understand your mission, vision and values, and what makes your organization unique and successful. We analyze your manager’s technical and functional requirements and through open and continuous dialogue, develop a “fit” of what characteristics your ideal staff should have. This unique approach to developing a “fit” goes beyond required experience and technical skills; it is dependent on the communication capability, personality, and mind-set of the potential employee.

How we do it:

We also acquire over 80% of our candidates through targeted headhunting campaigns. We find out who is successful in current positions, what their current responsibilities are, match them with your requirements, and then approach them. Once interest is gained, we investigate each candidate’s background through a thorough interview possess that explores their experience, education, level of technical competency and personal and professional goals. We then establish whether or not the candidate “fits” your company. References are discreetly checked for every applicant. Only when we are satisfied that a candidate’s qualifications match your requirements will we recommend that person for an interview.

Our Clients:

Our clients are Fortune 500 multinational corporations, primarily in the Financial Industries. We work with only a select number of clients in each sector that require the best possible professionals available in the market. This approach enables us to maintain a significant pool of other companies from which to source candidates.


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