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Platinum Group consists of leading designer brands Jenni Button, Hilton Weiner, Urban Degree, Aca Joe, and Vertigo.

Starting off in 1989 with one Vertigo store, Platinum Group has moved into the forefront of design and style, and now operates out of top shopping locations with 54 boutique stores nationwide. This store base is set to grow substantially, as plans for growth both locally and internationally, come to fruition alongside the attraction and leveraging of top calibre talent.

The dynamic duo that launched the group Marcel Joubert and Moira O’Reilly have been in partnership for the past sixteen years. With a fusion of solid business acumen, a partnership that works and a passion for retail and people, this pair continues to make waves in the retail and fashion industry.

Marcel, being a BComm graduate, has the background in financial management. However, there is no clear division of labour. Both are creative but Moira, being more involved in design and fashion, heads up the design teams for each of the Platinum brands.

As a student, Marcel Joubert started making clothing for the student market under the Vertigo label. In 1989, Marcel and Moira opened the Vertigo store in Rondebosch, and just a year later, opened another store in Gardens Centre. They then acquired Hilton Weiner in 1995, which has grown considerably with sites in prime locations all around South Africa. After that both Jenni Button and Aca Joe were acquired in July 1997 in two separate, but highly complimentary deals.


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