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Fund Already Expected to Create 133000 Jobs
05/03/2012 Good start made in state scheme to boost employment...
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Employment: Brain Drain Aggravates Skills Shortage
28/11/2011 The second economic slowdown which followed the recession of 2008/9 allowed some relief for the increased skills scarcity in Africa, but according to Sandra Burmeister, CEO of the Landelahni Recruitment Group, that brief respite is now over... read more
Management: It's the Dawn of 'Womenomics'
14/11/2011 Women are likely to fill 80% of management and professional roles by 2020, says management guru Tom Peters, adding that the world hasentered the age of "womenomics"... read more
Management Guru Predicts Rise In Women Bosses
04/10/2011 Tom Peters is one of the world's best-known management "gurus", but he thinks the term is awful... read more

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