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SABELA consulting
OUR OBJECTIVES •Recruit competent and professional candidates for clients through a process that is fair, consistent, non-discriminatory and transparent. •Maintain the highest level of service, ... read more
Jobs (9)
Sage Informatics
What we do Sage Informatics (Pty) Ltd is a leading provider of innovative consulting, technology and application management services in the ERP space. We offer a wide range of solutions and ... read more
Jobs (4)
SalesBox Intergrated Solutions
SalesBox Integrated Sales Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a sales perfomance company that specialises in sales and sales management to improve sales perfomance and sales force effectiveness for organisations.... read more
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Samancor Chrome
Our investment in people relates to our own employees as well as the surrounding communities. We strive to be an employer of choice and have developed a value proposition for Samancor Chrome ... read more
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Sandi Crowther Recruitment
Sandi Crowther Recruitment is an owner-managed Recruitment consultancy established in 1994 which enjoys long-standing relationships with select clients. We take pride in exceeding the expectations ... read more
Jobs (10)
Santam has a balanced portfolio when providing insurance solutions. Commercial and corporate insurance make up about 60% of its business. Santam's main objective is to grow shareholders' value ... read more
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SA Taxi Development Finance
SA Taxi is a participant in the vehicle financing industry in South Africa and a member of the Transaction Capital group of companies. SA Taxi regards its primary role as an enabler of affordable, ... read more
Jobs (2)
Schafner Search & Selection
Schafner Search & Selection is a specialist executive recruitment consultancy exclusively sourcing - on behalf of corporate clients - high calibre, top performing candidates with stable and proven ... read more
Jobs (31)
Scorpion Legal Protection
About Scorpion Legal Protection Scorpion Legal Protection was registered in 1996, and is an authorised Financial Services Provider, underwritten by Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Limited. ... read more
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